Completing 35% of the research study of Finding the most appropriate locations in Oman to create space launch platforms.

Yesterday evening, the research team met on Monday (February 11th) to celebrate 6 month of research study, which is equivalent to 35%  of the work plan for this project which is “Finding the most appropriate locations in Oman to create space launch platforms”. The study included planning, reading and analyzing all related  previous studies or global platforms projects. also included setting of standards for the preferred areas, the changes in technology and the study of the regions in terms of climate stability and infrastructure readiness, as well as the distance of the population density and characteristics of the earth’s structure and other standards.

Eng. Bahiya Al Shuaibi, CEO of the company, said: “We are proud of the outstanding group of participated in this study, We believe that this project carries with it greater messages and objectives that will reflect positively on the transfer of knowledge and technology, the process of education and scientific research, the dissemination of space sector information and establishing new communication channels between government agencies and privet sector to accomplish the aim of the project which will be beneficial for our precious country.

It is noteworthy that the opening of this study was at the end of June 2018 under the sponsorship of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The company is grateful to all the participating members and all the supporters of this study.