Government, security, military and private projects

1 - Satellite services..

Provision of satellite and telecommunications services in a secure and direct manner and with high quality manner to various destinations in Oman, such as ,

  • Satellite communications and television broadcasting services
  • Satellite imagery services

2 - A project to establish spacecraft launch platforms for commercial purposes .

The research study to find the best locations in Oman has been completed and the suitable site for launch platform has been selected.

Currently, the company is working on a project to establish a space launch platform for commercial purposes

3 - Zone 88.

A project that aims to create an environment to simulate living in space, such as Mars and the Moon, and to study the behavior of astronauts before joining manned space flights, as well as scientists and researchers to conduct their experiments in the space sector, artificial intelligence, and advanced technology.

4 - Simulation systems and 3D applications..

The company Provides simulation system, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality(AR) , metaphors and three-dimensional (3D) systems such as:

  • Training systems and programmes
  • Advanced strategic planning for security, military and emergency tasks
  • 360-degree photography for both external and internal features of buildings.