Our Services

Space Sector Technology

  • Providing advanced new technologies, products and services to the space, satellite and telecommunications sectors
  • Satellite Services: Specifically Telecom, Oil and Gas, remote sensing, Photography, live streaming and what serve Government and military sector.
  • Research study which related to space and new technology.
  • Provides the technology which connecting to receiving satellite
  • Provides workshops and knowledge transfer by connect with strong Global institutions

Advanced Technology

  • Providing services, equipment and devices for latest modern projects.
  • Providing and creating virtual reality ,three-dimensional programs and simulators to suit the needs of institutions with the provision of appropriate devices.
  • Supplement of the latest technologies such as: communication, 5G readiness, IoT, smart cities, smart homes and other  related technology.


  • Providing consultation, knowledge-transfer workshops and Projects Management Services in Space Technologies, Telecommunications, Satellites and New Technologies.

Education Initiatives

  • Providing unique, specialized and interactive education courses like:
    1. Mobile application to teach space science and technology.
    2. Education Space card with VR (virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) technology.
    3. Space book and associated scientific books.
    4. VR technology for education and training.
  • Provide training courses and prepare a roadmap plan for the student and employee to become a specialist in the desired subject; (space science and technology in general, satellites, communications, fifth generation and related new technologies)
  • Everything that we presenting is related with STEM education: STEMA is an applied approach to education which focuses on the five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art.