Our Services

Space Sector

  • Provision of satellite communications services
  • Provision of satellite imagery and aerial imagery services
  • The company works on projects in the space sector such as space and scientific centers
  • Provision of services, products and devices for all sectors of space technology, communications and Television broadcasting, aerial imagery and satellites in the public, private sectors and security sector.
  • Research studies related to the space and advanced technology
  • Provision of workshops in collaboration with global institutions

Advanced Technology

1 – Provision of advanced services and devices associated with :

  • Virtual Reality (VR) , Augmented Reality (AR), Metaverse and Hologram .

2 – Development of mobile applications and websites.

3 – Defense of Technology.

4 – Supply of technical hardware and equipment such as:

Cameras – smart screens – drones – Virtual Reality (VR) devices and many other modern technology devices.


1 – Providing advisory services and knowledge transfer in the space sector, telecommunications sector, satellite, and advance technology

2 – Support for the building of international relations related to information and communications technology and the space sector .

Education Initiatives

1 – Providing educational courses and workshops in the space sector, advance technology, satellites, communications that  related to a new technologies.

2 – Providing a unique, specialized and interactive educational materials such as: –

  • Space cards that work by AR and VR .
  • A Mobile Application (Space Exploration)
  • An Encyclopedia of space and science books
  • Programs via virtual reality devices.